The internet is one big net with so many fishes in it. Catching it one by one to find out the best one takes:

  • time
  • effort
  • research
  • dedication
  • investment
  • and so many others..

By sharing experiences together, the legwork of finding the right resource is made a lot easier and a lot more faster.

What I’m talking about is of course sharing reviews of services, products or any personal experiences for that matter. This blog Spring Bank Estate is where I share my personal experience and also that of others by publishing reviews. The name of my blog came from:

Spring = beautiful weather

Bank = wealth

Estate = a sense of community

It might seem random to those who don’t know me, but it’s meaningful to those who knows me!

To make this blog complete I will also publish news that’s in relation to a particular topic.

I value your feedback and contribution. So step forward and welcome to the family!

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